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Milk Powder Cutting Chai

Hello Folks!!! Every morning we wake up with a hope, a hope that will bring in days of dreams and the desire to achieve our goals. And to kick start a day with full vigor, a perfect cup of tea would help. Our motherland is famous for  it’s Chai multifariousness. Simple milk tea to flavored […]

Semiya Payasam(Vermicelli Kheer/pudding)

Hey Guys ’n’ Gals How many of you all multi task on a daily basis? How do you find it ? For me this has become a habit now for many years. I’m a person who dont like to sit idle. Rather I like my hand being full. The excitement is euphoric. But as you […]

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Greek Salad

Hi Folks!!!! Here I’m again with one more belated post. This time its a healthy, low carb salad which has acclaimed its position all across the globe. This has got an added advantage as this is a filling and tasty salad for the diet people too. Plenty of vegetables like capsicum, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.