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Three Ingredients Chocolate Mousse

PREPARATION Hey guys, it’s been very long since I was in touch with you. By this time, each one of you would have come to know the situation in Kerala. Though we have overcome the calamity, a humongous task of rebuilding the domestic as well as the state front lies ahead of us. I have […]

Coconut Milk Sambar

PREPARATION Yet another year, another festival time. It’s Kerala’s own festival, Onam. God’s own country is gearing up to welcome Maveli, the king who once ruled a propserous Kerala. Onam is celebrated with its traditional fervor and celebrations not only in Kerala, nut around the world. After a gap of three years, this time we […]

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Apple Banana Raisin Pudding

PREPARATION Started as a frugal cook’s, way of using stale, left over bread, bread pudding now shows up on the dessert menu of upscale restaurants and is featured amongst gourmet food. Known as a poor man’s food in the 13th century in England, this dish has travelled a long way to get featured amongst the […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.