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Aripayasam(Rice Kheer)

PREPARATION Paayasam or Kheer is synonymous with every festivals, celebrations and occassions in India. An essential dessert through out the history of India, paayasam or kheer is considered as a good omen for the newly weds and is followed even today. It is believed that this tradition started in the south part of India. This […]

Tomato Soup

PREPARATION Soups are known to be the best diet forms of food. Its always good to have a light dinner and we prefer soups for dinner. Soups can also be served as starters or entree for a party. For me, this is the best dinner, healthy, filling and minimum carbs. Light on stomach and for […]

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Swedish Meat Balls

PREPARATION I hope all your final days of lent season are going good and that you all are getting ready for the Easter celebrations. I thought of sharing with you something special, a dish which is famous far and wide in the Europe, US and Mediterranean, that is the meat balls. As far as the […]

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