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Tasty, wholesome, food which stands apart from the rest yet takes down memory lane. A fusion kitchen where east meets west. A granary of culinary expertise through experience !!!!

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Kerala Style Tuna Roast

PREPARATION As we transit into another year, with many new resolutions, my culinary saga continues with new rays of hope, new ideas and creativity. I hope and pray that I’ll be able to achieve that goal, what I have set for myself, fullfill my dreams and assiduously enjoy what I like doing the most. Same […]

Mushroom ’n’ Feta samosas

PREPARATION Happy New year Readers once again. Winter times are when your body needs that extra fat and energy to keep your body warm. Often we need our soul also to be warmed as does our body. Winter combined with drizzle is the time perfect for fried snacks. In India we have the culture of […]

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Vegan Masala Milk

PREPARATION Milk drinks are an extensively used allover India in different forms. Dairy is the first preferred choice, though this trend is getting replaced. In our small hometown in Kerala, we often welcome our guests with milk drinks which also serves many nutritional benefits. Our’s is a state which offers a different type of cuisine […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.