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PREPARATIN Mediterranean cuisine is top rated amongst world cuisines. This is also considered one of the healthiest cuisines of the world. Fresh salads with different greens and vegetables can be seen in every meal. Mediterranean cuisines include all the cuisines of those countries which borders with the Mediterranean sea. This includes Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, […]

Butter Chicken

PREPARATION Butter Chicken utterly butterly, creamy, decadent boneless chicken chunks in tomato based gravy is a culinary star which tickles the palates of millions around the world. Murgh Makhani, which is what Butter chicken is popularly known in Hindi, is one of the Indian dished which is recreated the most in the world. East, West, […]

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Tomato Chutney

PREPARATION Is tomato a vegetable or a fruit? A long debated question, right? For people like us, it is purely vegetable, though we love to have fresh tomatoes with sugar. Scientifically speaking, tomatoes are included in the fruit category. This confusion may have been caused by the differences in use by scientists and chefs. Tomatoes […]

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