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Cabbage Egg Thoran (Stir Fried Cabbage with Eggs)

Hello Peeps!!!! Life has turned to a rat race right? I was wondering where we are heading? Days are just flying by and often I feel that 24 hours are not enough for my task completion. My hands are so full that I barely get time my favorite past times, movies and reading. Getting back […]

Vermicelli Upma

Hey Folksss… Good day to you. The recipe I have come up with is a breakfast dish which is dear to the South Indian community. Vermicelli is used in different ways in India. Desserts are the main item which is prepared using this ingredient. But off late, we have seen many savory dishes churned out […]

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Pazham Pizhinjathu (Mashed Bananas with Puffed Rice)

Pazham Pizhinjathu aka mashed bananas with puffed rice is a traditional mid morning snack or tea time snack. This falls in the category of smoothies and is also a perfect vegan breakfast too. I have a lot of memories associated with it. My childhood memories are filled with delicacies like these which evoke sweet nostalgia […]

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