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Gothambu Kanji/Burgul Porridge

PREPARATION Hi folks Today I’m sharing with you a traditional dish which is part and parcel of Northern region of Kerala. This is not only traditional, but also healthy and an easy breakfast or dinner with out much ingredients. Gothambu Kanji/broken wheat gruel or porridge aka Burgul porridge is food which is consumed as breakfast […]

Chemmeen Varatiyathu

PREPARATION Hi Friends Hope the season’s excitement caught onto each one of you. For us, it’s been a hard week also an extended weelend here. Hence the delay in updating my creative space. Climate has changed and the cool days are here. Baking season is in full swing. You guys are going to experience some […]

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PREPARATION Hi Peeps!!!! Variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it? That’s my logic regarding life too. I always want something colorful, different and spicy in life. Food has the ability to do this magic for you. I feel amazed often knowing, reading and experimenting at the vast assortment of dishes found around the world. […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.