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Basic Marinade (updated) & Chicken Fry

PREPARATION Hey folks, hope you all are doing good. I know vacations have started everywhere and kids are enjoying the weather and holidays. Chicken fry in any form is inviting for people of all ages. Kids, they just love them. Be it batter fried, coated and fried or simply fried with some spices or just […]

Raw Mango Murabba

PREPARATION Seasonal fruits and vegetables are preserved in every possible manner. Fruits are preserved in a fancy manner. Murabba the Indian style if fruit preservation is known in every part of the world. Winter melon is the star in this category, though now every seasonal fruit is turned into Murabba. This mango ought to call […]

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PREPARATION Veeshappam aka palaada or the Malabar rice crepe is a thin, soft and melt in the mouth Indian crepe which is specifically made in the Malabar region but is eaten all over Kerala. Crepes are made with all purpose flour in every part of the world but I think we are the only ones […]

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