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Tasty, wholesome, food which stands apart from the rest yet takes down memory lane. A fusion kitchen where east meets west. A granary of culinary expertise through experience !!!!

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Masala Omlette

PREPARATION Hey Buddies Starting a great day is always important for all of us, right? So how do we all start our day?? Exercise, tea, getting dressed up, breakfast office, morning chores, the lists are endless. Each one of us have our different style and need. One thing which is common and important to all […]


PREPARATION   Hi Folks!!!!! Nostalgia have been main content in the last few posts. Yes, I have been transgressing a lot since mid October. Climate, season and hub of activities going on made my mind wander to my childhood and teen days. I’m sure a large percentage of you all will agree with me. Childhood […]

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Kerala Spicy Mixture

PREPARATION Hello Guys and Gals!!!!! How are you all doing ? I have been trying hard to keep up the pace of updating the blog. I thought I can make it this week, unfortunately, due to Diwali preps and celebrations, time was just flying away and by the time i get down to sit for […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.