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Tasty, wholesome, food which stands apart from the rest yet takes down memory lane. A fusion kitchen where east meets west. A granary of culinary expertise through experience !!!!

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Rose Milk Pudding Eid Special

STEP 1 Take slices Milk bread and trim the edges then set aside. STEP 2 Add Dream whip followed by fresh Whipping cream whip till creamy.Place this in freezer for 30 minutes.Then again whip this cream until peaks and stiff. STEP 3 Add Pistachios followed by Almonds, Cashew nuts, small packs salt biscuits. Grind coarsely […]

Orange Hue

Hi Folks!!!! Yet another summer is here and we are all craving for something cold and refreshing to beat this heat. Temperatures are soaring and we need to quench our thirst. Though water would be the first and foremost preference to keep ourselves hydrated, we often crave for juices and refreshments to uplift our system […]

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Chakkakuru Udachathu

STEP 1 Mix Jackfruit seeds with Turmeric powder , Chilli Powder , Garam Masala powder , Pepper powder and add Water in it.Close the lid and cook for 10 minutes. STEP 2 After cooking open the lid and mash the seeds to get Coarse Jackfruit seed paste.Add curry leaves , Tamarind pulp and mix up […]

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“Made with love, flavoured by tradition, eclectic in choice – A culinary and health journal “.