Chicken Mandi
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Middle East is where many cuisines, as a whole got evolved. Rice and protein are the main two components which forms many main course dishes. EID time or festivals or celebrations are the time when these types of dishes are extensively prepared. In India, celebrations especially EID is associated with Biryani. Every time on these […]

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Healthy Iftar Meal
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PREPARATION Ramadan time or the fasting time, in a year, observed by the Muslims all over the world, is a time for repentance, patience, good deeds, self control and to know the value of hunger. It is the 9th month of Islamic calendar which is considered to be the holiest month as Quran was revealed […]

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Tapioca in Coconut
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PREPARATION Tapioca/Cassava/Yuca is a tuber which is consumed in many part of the globe at a fairly reasonable amount. In India, Kerala consumes it the most. Srilanka is also a region where this is extensively used. African and Asian countries also widely use this as it is one of the filling meals which can be […]

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Seafood Paella
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PREPARATION This festive season has taken me couple of months back to sheer nostalgia when we went for a trip to Spain. I just fell in love with this country which is full of natural beauty which god has abundantly blessed them with. The climate, people and of course the cuisine. It was a complete […]

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