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Views: 2 PREPARATION Hi Peeps!!!! Variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it? That’s my logic regarding life too. I always want something colorful, different and spicy in life. Food has the ability to do this magic for you. I feel amazed often knowing, reading and experimenting at the vast assortment of dishes found around […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Moru Kaachiyathu aka Winter melons/ashgourds in spiced buttermilk is a routinely made dish of South Indian state of Kerala. One would find, a whole lot of different forms of this curry in different parts of India. But this gluten free healthy recipe is a specialty of our region. This is one of […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION My gene in me is totally a South Indian,but I prefer to be a true Indian first with all my heart, same thing is applicable for the foodie in me. I love all types of food, be it Indian or international. North Indian food especially the Punjabi cuisine and Mughlai cuisine is […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION After all those extravagant indulgences of dairy, protein and sugar, we decided to go vegetarian twice a day. Kids are still on vacation mode till coming sunday, hence I prepare the dishes according to their preferences.Hence this beautifully fried and crsiped Cauliflower and Potato Stir Fry which we call as Aloo Gobi. […]

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