Luchi & Dum Aloo
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PREPARATION North India and Eastern parts are in the grip of festivals. Festivals means celebrations and celebrations means food. During this time varieties of Pooris and potato preparations are made to gear up the mood of festivities. Pooris and Potatoes are a pair which every person will enjoy. For us also it is the same. […]

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Tomato Curry
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PREPARATION Tomato curry is so close to my heart not because I’m crazy about it but this is the revered curry of my hubby. At any given day, you give him this simple earthy curry, he will be the most happiest person in this world. For him, this curry hold strings of memories attached to […]

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PREPARATION Sadhya, the traditional feast of Kerala is served with varities of side dishes comprising many main veggies which are nutritious and tasty. I feel so proud each time I post recipes like this. You might be thinking why, right??? Our forefathers were very advanced and knwoledgable about health when science was developing and health […]

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PREPARATION Three  simple words for a  dish with such  a complex history, that  it has become a classic if not the quintessential American food to grace   dinner tables since the Colonial era. But where did it come from?  Who “invented” it? And last but not least, how did it become one of the most beloved […]

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