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PREPARATION First of all let me wish one and all a Happy Diwali. This recipe was supposed to be shared yesterday right in time for the festivities. Since I’m facing some technical issues with camera my shoots have been disrupted and my images not the usual standard. I will update the pictures as soon as […]

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Easy Mixed Veg Curry
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PREPARATION Rotis/phulkas/chapathis are an everyday affair in India. Infact, many parts have these at least twice a day. It is such an integral part of our food culture where a meal is not complete with these puffed bread. Curries are the best accompaniment with chapathis. Vegetarian and non vegetarian curries get along with these. Dal, […]

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Chakkakuru Paavakka Ularthiyathu : Its that time of the year when you have plenty of jackfruit at your dispersal. Its jackfruit season in India once again and for me its time to reminisce my childhood.

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Shahi Vegetable Kurma
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There are two reasons why I’m coming up with vegetarians dishes. One holi and the other is the lent season. Hope you guys find these recipes useful.

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