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PREPARATION Festivities are part and parcel of Indian culture. With different cultures, states and religion, one get to see some festival or the other round the year. The festivals are started off with Pongal, the harvest festival celebrated by the state of Tamilnadu, which is known as Makar sankranthi in the rest of India. Makar […]

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PREPARATION Thai cuisine is undoubtedly one of the preferred food of the world. You travel anywhere in the world, you are sure to find some Thai restaurants in the popular food streets or dine in area. Asians in general include rice in their main meals. This is seen in Thai cuisine also. So what rice […]

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PREPARATION Rice gruel or Kanji as we call it, was one among the main staples of our region. It was considered healthy and light on stomach. Dinner table occupied this gruel as the main dish. Though I’m not a fan of this simple meal, I crave for this once in a while when I’m flooded […]

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PREPARATION When I shared with you the Koottucurry I had given a brief description of Vishu. There are different customs which are followed during this festival. Vishukkani Vili, a practice prevalent in the north Malabar region of Kerala, Vishukkani Vili involves children, who move from one house to the other in villages, calling ‘vishukaniye, vishukaniye.’ […]

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