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PREPARATION Malabar as a region and North Malabar in particular is well known for its delicacies. You are sure to find umpteen number of main course dishes which are a feast to your eyes as well as to our palatte. Things get challenged when it come to the snacks servings. I have never ever seen […]

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PREPARATION Diwali is about sweet meats – sweet snacks and desserts. This sweet-laden festival brings out the sugar lovers in full force with offerings of Gulab Jamoon, Burfi (fudges), Puddings (Kheer), milk based desserts and a host of other snacks including Laddoo. The five days of celebrations starts with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai dhooj. […]

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Vegan Cashew Ladoos
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vegan cashew ladoos
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Coming to our today’s dish, Vegan Cashew Ladoos are simple easy to make ladoos which is very tasty. You can make this even without rice.

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Pumpkin Date Balls
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Pumpkin Date balls were developed in my mind due to the fusion craze I hold. Here’s a fusion snack of mine which is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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