Idiyappam Bhurji
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Idiyappam Bhurji is basically a Srilankan dish which later came into the South Indian states may be due to the large migration of people from South India.

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Salmon Curry
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Kerala Style Salmon Curry
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Preparation Fish is considered to be one of the staple food of the South Indian State of Kerala along with Rice and Cassava due to the geographical lay out of the state. The state’s long coastal areas along with the numerous rivers and backwater networks have resulted in the multi cuisine seafood varieties. As coconut […]

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Beef Roast
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This recipe is in memory of my maternal grandma who will always hold a special place in my heart. Its been 6 long years since she left us, but, often she comes to me and we have long conversations in the form of dreams. She had some special dishes up her sleeve which is very popular with her grandchildren.

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Festivals are an hallmark of Indian Culture.There are a bout of festivals celebrated in all parts of the country round the year.New year celebrations or the harvest festivals are one of the most important among them.The South Indian state of Kerala along with some districts in Karnataka celebrate the harvest/ new year usually in the second week of April.

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