Tomato Soup
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Soups are known to be the best diet forms of food. Its always good to have a light dinner and we prefer soups for dinner. Soups can also be served as starters or entree for a party. For me, this is the best dinner, healthy, filling and minimum carbs. Light on stomach […]

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Winter Green Soup
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Come winter and you see all kinds of food being prepared to fight the winter cold, keep the body warm and make you stay fit and healthy. A healthy hot soup is a blessing during the cold season. The temperature took a dip suddenly and its getting colder day by day. Along […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Soups, an healthy, preferred option for dinner should be considered more seriously guys. We have been following this regime for the last couple of years now. Soups and salads fill our dining table often in the weekdays except for very hungry days when we opt for full fledged dinner with carbs. Trying […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION I’m a very active person in Instagram. Those who follow me on IG will be knowing about my diet regime and diet. Soups and salads have become our regular dinner for months now. As the saying goes, dinner should be had like a pauper. Though not a pauper type:), I try to […]

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