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PREPARATION Tea time snacks are an important part of Indian culture especially in our region. A mid morning tea at 11 and an afternoon tea at 4 is a mandatory habitual custom in this region. This tea is often accompanied with some ligh snacks mostly fried ones. During the beginning of this century it was […]

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PREPARATION A blend of foreign influences and Kerala’s native spices, abundant seafood, and ubiquitous coconut, have created a totally unique collection of dishes from the Malabar side. Bread varieties are one of the specialties of this region. Pathiri as I have stated earlier is the most important flat bread of this region especially among the […]

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Carrot Pola / Kums
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PREPARATION Go to any corner of north Kerala during the holy month of Ramzan and the air will be thick with the mouthwatering aroma of Malabar spices, ghee and coconut oil. From lip-smacking tidbits to an array of main course picks such as the Thalassery biryani, it’s a full platter every day for iftaar. Countless […]

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Stuffed Bun
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PREPARATION I’m coming up with some snacks due to the constant request I’m getting from all over the world. Many people like us, prepare these delicacies during the fasting time, which is once in a year. This stuffed bun has different versions all over the world. Malabar with its famous cuisine, will find this as […]

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