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Views: 0 PREPARATION First of all I owe you all an apology for the delay in posting the detailed recipes on my website. I’m tied up with some activities along with some technical glitches. I’m trying my level best to catch up with the website updates and I’m sure I’ll be able to do that […]

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Tapioca in Coconut
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Tapioca/Cassava/Yuca is a tuber which is consumed in many part of the globe at a fairly reasonable amount. In India, Kerala consumes it the most. Srilanka is also a region where this is extensively used. African and Asian countries also widely use this as it is one of the filling meals which […]

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Views: 0   PREPARATION Kappa/Cassava/Tapioca is a staple of our region so is Beef. Beef is a secular dish in Kerala. Much of Kerala’s population, cutting across class, caste and religion, consumes it. Kerala’s love affair with beef, especially its secularization, is a relatively recent phenomenon, and reflects the dramatic social changes that the state […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Sadhya, the traditional feast of Kerala is served with varities of side dishes comprising many main veggies which are nutritious and tasty. I feel so proud each time I post recipes like this. You might be thinking why, right??? Our forefathers were very advanced and knwoledgable about health when science was developing […]

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