Shappu Style Crab roast (Toddy shop style Crab Roast)
  • 07


Shappu Style Crab roast gets that extra punch from this meat masala powder and this crab preparation is a much sought after dish in our family.

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Baked Mackerel
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Baked Mackerel
  • 04


This baked mackerel has so many strings of memories attached to my teenage.
Enjoy with rice or bread of your choice. Happy cooking!

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Mathi Pachakurumulaku Fry
  • 25


For Mathi Pachakurumulaku Fry it was medium rare, crispy on the outside and soft inner side since my family preferred crispy ones.

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Prawn Puttu
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Prawn puttu
  • 21


Prawn puttu is a sheer delight to any foodie. This puttu variation is getting all the attention it needed these days. Happy Cooking!!

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