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PREPARATION Happy New year Readers once again. Winter times are when your body needs that extra fat and energy to keep your body warm. Often we need our soul also to be warmed as does our body. Winter combined with drizzle is the time perfect for fried snacks. In India we have the culture of […]

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Spiced up Sausages
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PREPARATION Sausages are categorized as junk food. But in many European countries like Germany and Belgium its one of their staples. I really think once in a while we can indulge in some junk eating, right? My daughter thinks and says I should not post this recipe as in her opinion this is a trash […]

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Aloo Bonda
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PREPARATION Potato bonds holds a special place in our family. It is a snack which is easy to make as well as tasty to eat. This snack is frequently made during fasting season since my kids love something interesting for breaking the fast. This is a popular snack which can be seen all over India […]

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PREPARATION Bringing an assortment of recipes, meeting the requirements of many and avoiding monotony have always been my criteria. These peanut recipe is perfect for cocktail parties for this festive season. If you are a culinary enthusiast, likes experimenting, then you find different methods and ways to bring out the best in you and in […]

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