Chinese Spring Rolls
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PREPARATION Yet another classic from my Mom’s kitchen. Chinese spring rolls flushes in tons of memories for me. It was in my high school that my mom first made these spring rolls. Both my Dad and Mom were foodies, though my Mom always maintained a balance in her diet. My dad was an insane foodie […]

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PREPARATION Happy New year Readers once again. Winter times are when your body needs that extra fat and energy to keep your body warm. Often we need our soul also to be warmed as does our body. Winter combined with drizzle is the time perfect for fried snacks. In India we have the culture of […]

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Pav Bhaji
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PREPARATION A concoction of vegetables, accompanied with dinner rolls. Pav Bhaji, is a main street food of India. The dish which originated in the 1850’s as a fast lunchtime dish for textile mill workers in Mumbai later turned out to be a common man’s food. Pav the bread, Bhaji the vegetables is a whole meal […]

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Stuffed Bun
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PREPARATION I’m coming up with some snacks due to the constant request I’m getting from all over the world. Many people like us, prepare these delicacies during the fasting time, which is once in a year. This stuffed bun has different versions all over the world. Malabar with its famous cuisine, will find this as […]

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