Ceasar Salad
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PREPARATION There’s nothing we love more than discovering the surprising origin of a food we cherish and think we know well. Food blogging has opened up a new whole world for me. This is a vast area which is intertwined with loads of history, facts and stories. Its an exciting adventure for me to go […]

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PREPARATION I’m starting off with some healthy and diet foods from now onwards. Reduction of carbs and sweets and turning out some healthy wholesome and tasty salads and soups along with some bakes and mains. “Two birds in one shot” thats my aim in this series. Those who are following me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/simiskitchendiaries/) will […]

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Coleslaw became a mandatory salad with fried chicken since its inception by the KFC. I’ve recently uploaded broasted chicken recipe which is similar to KFC. This is the main reason why I’m sharing this coleslaw recipe. The term coleslaw came from the Dutch term koolsla, meaning cabbage salad. The kool part is the Dutch word […]

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PREPARATION Guys I’m back with my last post of the week. This week was completely dedicated to a vegetarian week. I’m signing this off with a healthy salad meal, which in India includes in the category of chat. What exactly is chaat? It is a savory snack, typically served as a hors d’oeuvre at road-side […]

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