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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hey guys, it’s been very long since I was in touch with you. By this time, each one of you would have come to know the situation in Kerala. Though we have overcome the calamity, a humongous task of rebuilding the domestic as well as the state front lies ahead of us. […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Started as a frugal cook’s, way of using stale, left over bread, bread pudding now shows up on the dessert menu of upscale restaurants and is featured amongst gourmet food. Known as a poor man’s food in the 13th century in England, this dish has travelled a long way to get featured […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Festivals are a time to rejoice, to meet the dear and near ones and to give selflessly to the needy and to your dear ones. Food is the best gift or charity you can do for anyone. During this Eid I want to remember all those suffering hunger and war and am […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Desserts are anytime, the most wanted course in a meal especially for parties. According to Indian traditions, breakfast and lunch is always served along with desserts. In some parts desserts are served first when starting a meal. Considering this fact, it wont be a wonder, when taking the festivals and special occasions, […]

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