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PREPARATION It was interesting for me to go down in search of the Indo-Chinese food history. Blogging has helped me in evolving so many ways and one of them is acquiring and enhancing my knowledge base. I did not want to blog the regular format, rather wanted to add some information regarding each food, their […]

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Scotched Egg Kofta Curry
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The Scotched Egg Kofta Curry which I’m sharing with you all today is inspired by the great Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Happy Cooking!

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Mutton Stew
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Mutton Stew
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This recipe of the mutton stew is my version of the dish. I make it different every time I go for this dish. I like to keep it simple as possible.

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Lamb Kabsa
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This Lamb Kabsa is a milder version of Biriyani. I wanted to do something special for the new year. Wishing you all a very happy 2017. God bless you all.

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