Baked Whole Chicken
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PREPARATION How ever well you do, one keeps improving oneself if what is desired by one. I’m a person who constantly strives to be a better person as an individual as well as my work is related. And that relates to my cooking too. There are many dishes which I have perfected myself, there are […]

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Broasted Chicken
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PREPARATION Fried chicken is the fast food which gets consumed widely all over the world. This fried chicken of mine is my attempt on the popular brand Al Bake broasted chicken. I spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia and this is the only place where I have seen Kentucky fried chicken taken over by someone […]

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Chicken Masala with Potato wafers
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Chicken masala with potato wafers is a dish which has a base of the Travancore culinary. Serve hot with the bread of your choice. Happy Cooking!!!!!

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Liver Pepper Fry
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Liver Pepper Fry
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Liver pepper fry is a simple dish without much ingredients. Whatever we are adding have many health benefits. It is a perfect balanced diet.

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