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PREPARATION We are a foodie family who loves delicious food from anywhere in the world. Thai food is a hot favorite as they too have curries with coconut milk having high spice level. As I have mentioned earlier, the mallu gene in me always find a way to add in coconut in some form or […]

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  PREPARATION Kappa/Cassava/Tapioca is a staple of our region so is Beef. Beef is a secular dish in Kerala. Much of Kerala’s population, cutting across class, caste and religion, consumes it. Kerala’s love affair with beef, especially its secularization, is a relatively recent phenomenon, and reflects the dramatic social changes that the state has seen […]

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Baked Whole Chicken
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PREPARATION How ever well you do, one keeps improving oneself if what is desired by one. I’m a person who constantly strives to be a better person as an individual as well as my work is related. And that relates to my cooking too. There are many dishes which I have perfected myself, there are […]

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Tandoori Chicken
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PREPARATION Tandoori Chicken, a poultry dish which rose to fame during the 19th century. The wide popularity of this dish may be due to the fact that this is also a form of grilled chicken which is as relishing as a barbecued chicken and can cater to any type of palatte. It is a chicken […]

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