Beef Thengakothu
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hey Folks!!!!! I have been trying my very level best to keep up to date by reducing the lag. Something or the other turns up and I totally get tied up. Its been hectic and tension filled due to multiple reasons. It is when I cook or blog that I totally get […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION It’s been very long time since I have done an update. We have been going through very difficult times due to floods. I was staying back home to help my parents to settle down in their new place, when the floods created havoc and then everything turned upside down. All our plannings […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hey folks, hope you all are doing good. I know vacations have started everywhere and kids are enjoying the weather and holidays. Chicken fry in any form is inviting for people of all ages. Kids, they just love them. Be it batter fried, coated and fried or simply fried with some spices […]

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Mutton Pepper Fry
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Views: 0 Hi folks… I have been very slow in updating the blog recently. So trying in to get myself more involved in writing down the recipes. My wiritng depends on my mood completely. Even if its a couple of lines, for me to get into that flow is a bit of a task. There […]

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