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There won’t be a single Keralite who haven’t heard about the Kappa Meen Varattiyathu combination. It’s the staple food of Keralites. Try out my version.

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Peri Peri Chicken
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Peri peri checken
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The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear Peri Peri chicken is Nando’s. I thought of making it in my own style.

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This Restaurant Style Chicken Biriyani is made with home made spices without any preservatives but with the taste that we get from the Restaurants.

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Kannur Biriyani
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This is one of my popular main course dishes among our friends. I got several request for this recipe. India is famous for different varieties of biriyani. One amongst them is the Malabar biriyani which is a craze these days. Mutton biriyani is considered to be the most tastiest among biriyani’s. If you taste pure Kannur beef biriyani I think majority of you would agree with me.

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