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PREPARATION Paayasam or Kheer is synonymous with every festivals, celebrations and occassions in India. An essential dessert through out the history of India, paayasam or kheer is considered as a good omen for the newly weds and is followed even today. It is believed that this tradition started in the south part of India. This […]

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PREPARATION Phirni is to Indians as rice pudding is to westerners. Rice is one thing which is consumed by the rich and poor irrespectively all over the world. Rice is a staple of Indian cuisine. Phirni is the North Indian version of the rice pudding. In south India, Basmati and brown rice, as whole is […]

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PREPARATION Its Onam time again. I’m sticking on to traditional recipes with some twists. Kheer or payasam is an integral part of Onam sadhya.  ‘Payasam Culture’ has a special place in Indian Cuisine. Payasam/Pradhaman has been an essential dish throughout the history of the Indian culinary heritage.  No Banquet/Feast would be considered complete without this […]

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PREPARATION Festivals, for me is another reason to celebrate my foodie instincts. In India, you get back to celebrations due to its multi ethnicity. Each occasion calls for different levels of dessert preparations. Among them Kheer or paayasam stands out as the king of desserts. Different variations of the kheer can be seen in every […]

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