Classic French Toast
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PREPARATION Classic French toast, very rarely someone dislike it, right? A easy and simple food served mostly as tea time snack in our region, is mainly a breakfast dish in rest of the world. A simple classic french Toast is nothing but a mish mash of eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. The flavoring is not […]

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Churros Pancake
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PREPARATION Pancakes, a breakfast food which is patented as American, can be found in variable forms through out the nations of the world. Pancakes are usually thin flat cake made with a loose batter consisting of eggs, flour, oil milk or water, cooked in a frying pan or griddle. This is where the American pancakes […]

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PREPARATION Breakfast is the first meal of the day which should be had in style. Making it healthy, colorful and interesting is the best way to do it. This is an English style breakfast which is followed in many countries around the world. Some spiced up sausages along with sauteed mushrooms and some scrambles eggs […]

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