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PREPARATION Hey folks, I’m back with yet another mandatory dish which has been passed down from generations in our home. This is simply a breakfast dish which is healthy and fulfilling though it need some effort. This is a world renowned dish which has occupied its place in the world cuisine map. This is nothing […]

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PREPARATION Diwali is about sweet meats – sweet snacks and desserts. This sweet-laden festival brings out the sugar lovers in full force with offerings of Gulab Jamoon, Burfi (fudges), Puddings (Kheer), milk based desserts and a host of other snacks including Laddoo. The five days of celebrations starts with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai dhooj. […]

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Cheesy Palak Aloo Paratha
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Parathas are an all time choice of food for us. When it comes to Cheesy Palak Aloo Paratha, it becomes all the more dear.

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Masala Chai
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Preparation The word Masala Chai itself brings in a freshness and energy in me. An  inexplainable nostalgic feeling gets created at the thought of this Chai. The freshness of the aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon creates this crisp feeling within you. At times I wonder how in an instant, at the very thought of […]

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