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PREPARATION Veeshappam aka palaada or the Malabar rice crepe is a thin, soft and melt in the mouth Indian crepe which is specifically made in the Malabar region but is eaten all over Kerala. Crepes are made with all purpose flour in every part of the world but I think we are the only ones […]

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PREPARATION India is a land of festivals. One can find one part or the other celebrate it all through the year. Holi is one such festival which falls early in the beginning of the year. Its a festival of colors celebrated by all the communities irrespective of religion, language and area. This is one thing […]

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PREPARATION A blend of foreign influences and Kerala’s native spices, abundant seafood, and ubiquitous coconut, have created a totally unique collection of dishes from the Malabar side. Bread varieties are one of the specialties of this region. Pathiri as I have stated earlier is the most important flat bread of this region especially among the […]

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PREPARATION Consensus and authenticity — meet the two elusive elements in the food territory. In a region such as Malabar with a long culinary history, a consensus on what constitutes its authentic cuisine is stoking a debate. Strong trade links with the Arabs, the Europeans, and even the Chinese for centuries meant strains of their […]

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