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PREPARATION Haldi doodh aka Turmeric milk is an age old drink drank extensively in India considering its health benefits. Turmeric is stupendously used in Ayurveda and nephropathy from centuries back. Its considered a super spice for its anti inflammatory and immunity properties as well as its antiseptic nature. Turmeric milk is an ineluctable part of […]

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mung bean sprouts salad
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Mung Bean Sprouts Salad is the salad which I make on a regular basis. We have this for dinner. Its health benefits are incredible.

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Ever since my memory dates back, coconut has played a vital role in the food habits, health and beauty aspects of my life. I just love coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk, everything related to this wonderful seed. It may be because I was born in the land of coconuts. Our ancestral home was situated in between acres of coconut plantations.

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Red Millet Porridge
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This meal is low carb, low-calorie and vegan. The ultimate happiness and complete satisfaction which I get after successfully trying out these recipes makes my day! I started experimenting with these type of recipes after my hubby became a fitness freak.

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