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PREPARATION Quick, healthy and easy way to make your breakfast, that’s what’s needed in this rat race world. Often we garb whatever comes in our hand especially ladies and have it at our own pace. Off late, oats have become a crucial part of my breakfast menu so that I stick to a healthy fulfilling […]

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Vitality Drink
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PREPARATION Milk is an important part of our daily life. especially in India. This is one food which I love. Though I’ve had it in plenty in my early years of life, now the usage has come down tremendously. I substitute it with nut milks , coconut milk . But there are certain specific drinks, […]

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Apple cinnamon Overnight Oats
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Apple cinnamon Overnight Oats is the best way to gain the strength and energy to carry you through a hectic morning schedule.

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healthy clear mutton soup
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This healthy mutton soup has got a story behind it.This mutton broth is more than good for your soul!!!:) Bone broth supports a healthy immune system.

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