Fish Molie
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Fish forms an important part of our diet. Through out the Coastal lines of India, people depend on seafood diet. Every type of fish is consumed by the rich and poor equally. A staple diet, it forms an important part in providing the necessary nutrition needed for the common man. Kerala and […]

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Kerala Style Tuna Roast
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Views: 0 PREPARATION As we transit into another year, with many new resolutions, my culinary saga continues with new rays of hope, new ideas and creativity. I hope and pray that I’ll be able to achieve that goal, what I have set for myself, fullfill my dreams and assiduously enjoy what I like doing the […]

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Fish in Coconut Milk
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Views: 0 PREPARATION A fish curry attached with a string of nostalgia and flashback. This curry which is extensively made through out the central Kerala, especially in Thrissur and Kodungalloor, which is a cultural and food hub. For me, this dish holds a special place as I hail from this region mainly. Fish is a […]

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Views: 0 PREPARATION Pearl spot, the state fish of Kerala is the highlight of aqua culture of our state. . It can be seen in the form of fry, fish moly, mappas and fish curry, but the king of dishes with Pearl spot is this dish, Karimeen pollichathu. There are different version of this dish. […]

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