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PREPARATION A hot favorite of Indian culinary, chutneys are accompanied for every meal in one form or the other. Every region has got its specialist depending on the local produce. While the Northern part of India uses tomatoes, chilies, garlic for chtuneys, South Indian chutneys are coconut based mainly. Sweet and sour chutneys are found […]

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The word hummus, (which has various spellings) is an Arabic word meaning “chickpea.” Hummus is a Levantine Arab dip or spread that is made from chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) that have been cooked and mashed, then blended with tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Chickpeas […]

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Peanut Chutney
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PREPARATION Who does not love peanuts, right? Peanuts are stocked abundantly in my house. I have to hide it infact as there is restriction for my hubby. He just goes crazy if he sees peanuts and theres no full stop until the whole batch is hogged up. I roast it, fry it, batter fry it […]

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Raw Mango Chutney
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PREPARATION Mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes. It’s the season of mangoes and I want to share maximum recipes of mangoes with you all. When in mango season, we include mangoes right from breakfast to dinner, snacks to drinks to desserts. Pickles, preserves, jams and even dips are made with raw and ripe mangoes. Even the […]

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