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Festivals are an hallmark of Indian Culture.There are a bout of festivals celebrated in all parts of the country round the year.New year celebrations or the harvest festivals are one of the most important among them.The South Indian state of Kerala along with some districts in Karnataka celebrate the harvest/ new year usually in the second week of April.

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Traditional Custard
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Preparation Hello again! I have returned from my 2 weeks hiatus (sorry about that).Still wrestling with my sons, preparing them for their upcoming exams.The weekly posts are my passion and it sort of relieves my tensions and stresses rejuvenate me for the rest of the week. Im trying my level best to keep the weekly […]

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Valentines day is round the corner. Why not make it a chocolaty affair. So get your sleeves rolling and win your valentines heart with this layered chocolaty pudding. The crumbly base, velvety custard in the middle and smooth and glossy ganache on top… what else can we ask for!!!! Nothing much to say about this dessert.

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