Caramelized Plantain in Pineapple Syrup
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Caramelized Plantain in Pineapple Syrup is a simple one but a delicious one. You can also have this with ice cream converting into a dessert.

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Pineapple Kesari
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As the popular saying goes “shubh kam se pehle kuch mitha kha lena chahiye”. Try this Pineapple Kesari out. Happy Cooking!!

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Ras Malai
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Ras Malai
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Ras meaning juice and Malai meaning cream, Ras Malai is literally what it means. Enjoy your weekend with this delicious dessert and relish it to every bite

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Indian cuisine is mainly associated with Mughals and Persians. If you look back at the history of culinary finesse you can find that the Persian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines have so much in common. The Mughals who looked to Persia for their cultural models invariably got influenced by their taste and food habits too.

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