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PREPARATION Its festival season in India again. Eid, Onam, Diwali, and many other festivals are nearing. So I’m starting off with eid specials which is due month end. Celebrations are always accompanied with some sweet dishes which represent happiness and contentment. For this Eid, I have come up with a Middle Eastern dessert, Umm Ali […]

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PREPARATION Desserts hold an important part of any feast. It is one of the craved course of a multi course dinner. We are a family of sweet tooth, infact it runs down in our clan. Whenever a dinner or feast is hosted in our family, the main discussion and the first discussion will be of […]

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Preparation More and more quick and easy recipes, that my motto off late. So here comes the last post of this Easter season. This is the traditional Italian dessert, Panna Cotta. This is is one of the most popular and versatile Italian desserts, with a delicate flavor that goes with a variety of accompaniments. At […]

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Sago Pudding
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Preparation Easiest of the desserts, this sago pudding is a heart winner, which can be turned completely healthy and vegan too. I often make this and keep in fridge as my elder son, who’s not a foodie like me, enjoys this a lot. I add different types of fruits and nuts and make it more […]

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