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PREPARATION Desserts are anytime, the most wanted course in a meal especially for parties. According to Indian traditions, breakfast and lunch is always served along with desserts. In some parts desserts are served first when starting a meal. Considering this fact, it wont be a wonder, when taking the festivals and special occasions, where multitudes […]

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PREPARATION Phirni is to Indians as rice pudding is to westerners. Rice is one thing which is consumed by the rich and poor irrespectively all over the world. Rice is a staple of Indian cuisine. Phirni is the North Indian version of the rice pudding. In south India, Basmati and brown rice, as whole is […]

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Creme Caramel
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PREPARATION A celebration without desserts, impossible for any of us, right? This is one course of meal, which is also the last that we all anticipate mostly. Puddings are a hit at any table and when it comes to classics, its divinely. So my Xmas gift is this classic Creme Caramel which cant beat anything […]

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PREPARATION Fusion Kitchen is one of my areas of interest in the culinary field. This is one area which is fast developing.  I have been trying out different cuisines combining a small percent mixing with my home cuisines. I find it as a way of expressing a little bit of me in whatever I dish […]

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