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PREPARATION After all those extravagant indulgences of dairy, protein and sugar, we decided to go vegetarian twice a day. Kids are still on vacation mode till coming sunday, hence I prepare the dishes according to their preferences.Hence this beautifully fried and crsiped Cauliflower and Potato Stir Fry which we call as Aloo Gobi. The comforting […]

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Creamy Egg Curry
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PREPARATION I make different types of egg curries and roasts. Though roasts come out well, I was never happy with the outcome of curries. So I was always on the lookout for fine tuning my egg curry. The inspiration for this curry is my fellowgramer Natasha Didee @The Gutless foodie who’s trained chef, but on […]

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Fish in Coconut Milk
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PREPARATION A fish curry attached with a string of nostalgia and flashback. This curry which is extensively made through out the central Kerala, especially in Thrissur and Kodungalloor, which is a cultural and food hub. For me, this dish holds a special place as I hail from this region mainly. Fish is a staple in […]

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Tandoori Chicken
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PREPARATION Tandoori Chicken, a poultry dish which rose to fame during the 19th century. The wide popularity of this dish may be due to the fact that this is also a form of grilled chicken which is as relishing as a barbecued chicken and can cater to any type of palatte. It is a chicken […]

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