Dal Fry
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Views: 0 Preparation The “staple curry” of India, you can find many variations of dal preparations from all parts of India. Dal Chawal as is a daily dish in vast majority of households in our country. There are many varieties of dal like urad, chana, masoor et al which are made in different regions of […]

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Views: 0 Preparation Sambar is a quintessential part of South Indian cuisine. It can be considered as the staple curry of South India.. world-renowned as the accompaniment for Idli steamed savoury cake) and Dosa ( a type of pancake made with black lentils and rice), Sambar is also served with rice for special occasions and […]

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Baingan Roast
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Views: 0 Preparation I’m back with a new recipe. This one is a joy to all who are not keen on vegetarian dishes. I know among veggies, eggplants position is not so impressive too. I’ve given a try to convert this lil veggie into a palatable delight. Though its a bit high on calories, once […]

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