Idiyappam Bhurji
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Idiyappam Bhurji is basically a Srilankan dish which later came into the South Indian states may be due to the large migration of people from South India.

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Prawn Pathiri thumbnail
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Prawn pathiri is a Malabar dish which is a satisfying and fulfilling dish served for evening tea.

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Preparation Smoothies are a healthy and tasty way of starting your day. Smoothies and smoothie bowls are very in right now. I have my own reasons for going with a smoothie breakfast. Daily consumption of minerals, vitamins and dietary fibres is a challenging job for me. Getting the right amount of nutrients at the right […]

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Red Millet Porridge
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This meal is low carb, low-calorie and vegan. The ultimate happiness and complete satisfaction which I get after successfully trying out these recipes makes my day! I started experimenting with these type of recipes after my hubby became a fitness freak.

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