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PREPARATION Eat breakfast like a king is the saying, but how many of us follow this rule. I’m very bad at it. Not regular and I dont feel like having breakfast until 11a.m. This may be due to my routine. I can’t sleep early as my daughter reaches home late from her college and boys […]

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Baked French Toast
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PREPARATION I’m on seventh heaven today. I got heaps of compliments regarding my videos and images today from couple of my followers. I have been getting it often for the last few months which makes my determination stronger to come out with the best of bests. All the recipes which have been shared with you […]

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Cheese Omelette
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Cheese Omelette
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Cheese omelette was introduced to me by my dad.This is one of the easiest, healthiest and energy packed brekkie. Happy Cooking!!!!

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Basic French Crepes with stuffings
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Basic French Crepes with stuffings are a delight for breakfast. Its easy to make and fulfilling if its stuffed. Enjoy!!!!

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