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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hi folks Today I’m sharing with you a traditional dish which is part and parcel of Northern region of Kerala. This is not only traditional, but also healthy and an easy breakfast or dinner with out much ingredients. Gothambu Kanji/broken wheat gruel or porridge aka Burgul porridge is food which is consumed […]

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Masala Omlette
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hey Buddies Starting a great day is always important for all of us, right? So how do we all start our day?? Exercise, tea, getting dressed up, breakfast office, morning chores, the lists are endless. Each one of us have our different style and need. One thing which is common and important […]

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Masala Oats
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Hey Gals !!!! How did you start your day today? How do you start your mornings? On a regular basis I depend on smoothies, smoothie bowls and porridges for my breakfast. Usually oatmeal, broken wheat, semolina, quinoa, flax seed, fruits, greens are the mains which occupy my breakfast table. There are two […]

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Classic French Toast
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Views: 0 PREPARATION Classic French toast, very rarely someone dislike it, right? A easy and simple food served mostly as tea time snack in our region, is mainly a breakfast dish in rest of the world. A simple classic french Toast is nothing but a mish mash of eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. The flavoring […]

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