Banana Bread
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                                            PREPARATION A long pending recipe in my long list of dishes. A classic recipe which is made in the east and west equally with much like and preference. A bread which is served for breakfast mostly in western countries, this can be used as a dessert with ice creams, sauces or whipped creams, also […]

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PREPARATION Consensus and authenticity — meet the two elusive elements in the food territory. In a region such as Malabar with a long culinary history, a consensus on what constitutes its authentic cuisine is stoking a debate. Strong trade links with the Arabs, the Europeans, and even the Chinese for centuries meant strains of their […]

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preparation I fondly and proudly remember the ways how people react when they know I’m a South Indian foodie. Immediate response which comes from my associates are, Ahhh Dosa is your food right? “. That is the popularity of dosa, which lay intertwined with our culture and history. Today dosa is renowned world wide and […]

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Khamiri Puri
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This recipe was passed down to me by mom, who’s an excellent cook not only in Indian dishes, but International cuisine also.

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