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PREPARATION Milk beverages forms an integral part of Indian cuisine. Fresh Milk was a staple amongst large chunk population as Cow was reared in these households. It was not only used as a nutritious drink but also used in Ayurvedic medicine preparations and naturopathy. Milk takes different forms and heterogeneity ad drinks, snacks, sweets and […]

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Hot Chocolate
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PREPARATION Hot chocolate and I share a long lasting deep bonded relationship. This is the beverage I have mainly during mid mornings and lat nights. Come winter, this becomes a regular in our family. During my childhood, there used to be cows in our family and milk was in abundance. We used to have different […]

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Vegan Masala Milk
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PREPARATION Milk drinks are an extensively used allover India in different forms. Dairy is the first preferred choice, though this trend is getting replaced. In our small hometown in Kerala, we often welcome our guests with milk drinks which also serves many nutritional benefits. Our’s is a state which offers a different type of cuisine […]

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PREPARATION Kerala, “God’s Own country” which once used to be heaven for a peaceful life, after decades of development has turned its climate topsy turvy due to cutting of forests and greens. Whether it is rainy or fall or winter, the heat is unbearable today and the urge for a chilling thirst quencher is what […]

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