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PREPARATION Kerala, “God’s Own country” which once used to be heaven for a peaceful life, after decades of development has turned its climate topsy turvy due to cutting of forests and greens. Whether it is rainy or fall or winter, the heat is unbearable today and the urge for a chilling thirst quencher is what […]

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PREPARATION Authentic Indian lassi… The World’s 1st smoothie. Born 1,000 BC. A light, cool & creamy blend of Indian-style yogurt flavored with the finest fruits & purest spices. Prized across South Asia for its great taste & healing Ayurvedic properties. Every Dahlicious Lassi is handcrafted-slowly, locally, authentically… In a tradition dating back to the very […]

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Cinnamon Mocha
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Cinnamon Mocha
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I’m thankful to my two boys for this recipe. I started giving them coffee with drinking chocolate. Enjoy your Cinnamon Mocha.

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