Sandwich Bread
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PREPARATION Bread baking, for me, was always something above my caliber. During the early days of my cooking, I attempted at it and it was a total flop. Then I left the desire of venturing and mastering of this art. When I said of art, my thoughts started wandering about art and artist. Artists are […]

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Banana Bread
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                                            PREPARATION A long pending recipe in my long list of dishes. A classic recipe which is made in the east and west equally with much like and preference. A bread which is served for breakfast mostly in western countries, this can be used as a dessert with ice creams, sauces or whipped creams, also […]

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PREPARATION    Its that time of the year when your mood get elevated and when you are rejuvenated, and the graph of your happiness, hope and positivity are at its peak. I dont know why I feel this way. and I’m not sure whether everyone feel this way too. By October – November, I have […]

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PREPARATION This recipe is my dedication to my lovely niece Najma. She had requested this sometime back. She wanted a rich chocolate cake with oodles of chocolate in it. After many trial and error I’m coming up with this recipe. I wanted a simple easy recipe yet rich and chocolaty. I wanted to reach out […]

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