Tomato Gravy for Kabsa

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Tomato Gravy for Kabsa
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  • Red Ripe Tomatoes
    : 2
  • Red Thai Chillies
    : 2
  • Big Garlic Clove
    : 1
  • Vineager
    : 1 tablespoon
  • Sugar
    : 1 teaspoon
  • Salt
    : to taste
  • Ice cubes
    : 2-3


Kabsa is a very mildly flavoured rice without much pomp and fancy affair. All the flavours are laid up on the spice mix.  The rice is not on moist side. Thats where the role of an accompaniment falls in. This tomato gravy is just the perfect pair for this rice.  I always wonder who the person behind this invention is.

The tanginess, sourness and hotness , the different aspect of a food which are lacking in Kabsa is made up by this tomato gravy. This gravy holds a special place in my heart. During my stay in Saudi, weekends used to be a sheer pleasure for us.lunch used to be a delight for us and the main attraction with rice was the tomato gravy. Because of the craze for this gravy, My mom started making this. Thats how I learned the gravy recipe.
Tomato ketchup or tomato paste is added by majority in this salsa. But my take on this is with fresh ingredients only. Since we Indians prefer hot stuff, I’ve added a couple of Thai Red chillies for the spice factor. In the original recipe green chilli, the non spicy the is added. Sometimes I add cilantro leaves for an additional flavor. This depends on individual preference. I add a coupe of ice cubes  too which I felt bring in a flavour enhancement. This gravy tastes good when cold. You can add chilled water too. I add a dash of vinegar and sugar which brings in a over all wholesome flavour to this dish.
Coarsely blend all the ingredients together. It should not be blended fine. Enjoy with your Kabsa or any other middle eastern rice preparations.
Tomato Gravy for Kabsa

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