Three Ingredients Chocolate Mousse

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  • Gelatin
    : 1/2 teaspoon
  • warm Water
    : 1 tablespoon
  • Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate
    : 100 gms each
  • Cream
    : 1 cup for each 100 gms of chocolate


Hey guys, it’s been very long since I was in touch with you. By this time, each one of you would have come to know the situation in Kerala. Though we have overcome the calamity, a humongous task of rebuilding the domestic as well as the state front lies ahead of us. I have been keeping a very low profile in social media as far as my blogging was concerned. As an Indian true from heart, as an individual with bout of empathy and warmth for my fellow beings, my passion took a back seat. When hundreds are literally without home, water and food, I felt it is not morally right to blog especially food.

I was out of this area for a month now. All my attention, services of all nature were diverted towards uplifting my home state and statesmen. If any of you, at all feel that you should contribute your part, please pitch in to or you can mail or ping me so that the help can be done to hundreds of poor people who have lost everything, personally. I’m associated with many groups so that the help reaches to the needy of the needs.

This dessert, a simple recipe, which was meant for EID lost its importance in the aftermath of flood. I wanted something very easy, quick and something luscious for the festivities. This can be a great weekend dessert or a party show stopper. Three types of chocolates in rich creamy base simply churns out a beautiful dessert.

Mousse in itself is a light, airy dessert which is basically made with eggs, cream and sugar. Mousse means “foamy” and this is exactly what it is. Whipping egg whites to stiff foams and slowly incorporating rest of the ingredients. Believed to have been introduced by the Spanish, French Chef’s took over the reigns of chocolate dishes there by creating this super foamy, melt in the mouth dessert.

I have used three different main chocolates, that is the white, dark and milk chocolates to present this super easy dessert. An eggless chocolate mousse, gelatin does the work of binding the texture and getting that creamy, foamy pudding. Cream and chocolate does their work by adding soft velvety texture and the sinful deliciousness. Blooming gelatin in the appropriate quantity makes all the difference to this dessert.

You are back home after a day’s hectic work and craving for some sweet tooth… then this is the answer for it. Enjoy and happy weekend !!!


Heat for 30 seconds in microwave. Stand for 10 seconds and combine.


Add bloomed Gelatin.Gently mix everything together. Chill in fridge for half an hour.


Whisk till creamy soft peaks are formed.Repeat this for the milk and white chocolate too.Layer it in a dessert glass.

Decorate with fresh whipping cream and fruit of your choice.

Happy cooking and relaxed weekend .!!!

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