Sweet Plantain Porridge/curry

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sweet plantain porridge
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  • Ripe bananas
    : 3
  • Sugar
    : 3-4 tablespoon
  • Cardamoms crushed
    : 3
  • Salt
    : 3 pinches
  • Coconut milk powder
    : 1/4 cup
  • Thick coconut milk or cream
    : 1 cup
  • Rice flour
    : 2 tablespoon
  • Water
    : 1 cup
  • Shallots sliced
    : 3-4
  • Ghee
    : 1 tablespoon


Plantains are one of the staple fruit of Keralites. We have it raw as well as ripe. In raw form, its used in curries, fried as chips, powdered for porridges for infants. Ripe ones are used for porridges, curries, snacks or it can be simply eaten with nutrients loaded with it. It can be simply steamed and can be had with a dash of ghee and sugar which is one of the richest food for kids.

I’m not going into the details of the nutritional values of this wonderful fruit as I’ve already mentioned it in my other posts.

This recipe is one which has been passed down traditionally and can be seen made often in the north malabar side. This is had as porridge mainly by thickening with rice flour which adds a special flavour. Usually,  I add split chick peas along with this. This combination is also very tasty, filling and nutritious. Moreover, you can also use black chick peas to make this porridge. Soak it in water for 8 hrs. Peel of the skin and follow rest of the procedure. Over ripe plantains will add on the flavour and increases nutritional value.

When making a curry type, don’t make it too thick. Add half the quantity of rice flour. When you are making a porridge either you can completely avoid the rice flour and substitute it with almond meal or cashew meal and paste made of nuts or you can go for a combination of rice flour and any one of the above said. I’ve used coconut milk powder for cooking the plantains. The second milk extracted, that is extract the thick milk from the fresh coconut using little water and then extract the second milk using one cup of water. This is how it is made in the original recipe. I used coconut milk powder so that it does not curdle as much as fresh coconut milk and to reduce the quantity of rice flour.

A one pot dish, this wont consume much time early in the morning for a simple breakfast.  This is perfect baby food, reasonably fair breakfast for everyone from kids to aged people.

Go ahead and enjoy!!



Peel and chop the plantains.


Add to a pot. Add the crushed cardamoms.


Mix the coconut milk powder with 1 cup water into thin milk mixture.


Add the coconut milk to the plantain. Mix well and cook keeping lid.

add coconut milk


Once cooked, add the thick coconut milk or cream.


Now, make a paste of rice flour with water or coconut milk


Then, add on to the curry and mix thoroughly.


Allow it to reach boiling point. Give a quick stir. Put on the lid and remove from stove.


Heat a pan with ghee for tempering. Add the sliced shallots.


Fry till golden brown in color and pour on to the curry. Mix well.

Serve it hoppers/ string hoppers or as porridge.

Happy Cooking!!!


Here is our video presentation


  1. Abirami

    Wow….yummy plantain curry. Like them a lot….with simple ingredients a very delicious dish.

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