Stuffed Whole Baked Chicken

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  • Whole chicken with skin on
    : 1
  • Cardamom
    : 1
  • Clove
    : 1
  • Stick Cinnamon
    : 1
  • Cumin
    : 1/2tsp
  • Cloves Garlic
    : 3
  • Tomato Puree
    : 3tbsp
  • Vineager
    : 1tbsp
  • Lime juice
    : 3tbsp
  • Olive oil
    : 2tbsp
  • Mushrooms halved
    : 200 gms
  • Large Aubergines cut into rounds
    : 2
  • Mandarine cut into rounds
    : 1
  • Fine Basmati Rice(for rice)
    : 2 cups
  • Rose water(for rice)
    : 1 tsp
  • Condensed milk(for rice)
    : 1 tbsp
  • Vermicelli(for rice)
    : 2 cups
  • Cranberry juice(for sauce)
    : 1 cup
  • Orange juice(for sauce)
    : 1 cup
  • Chicken stock(for sauce)
    : 1 cup
  • Nutmeg
    : a small piece

For the Stuffing

  • Cooked Couscous
    : 1/4 cup
  • Cranberries
    : 1/3 cup
  • Pomegranate
    : 1/3 cup
  • Almond julienne
    : 3 tbsp
  • Pista julienne
    : 3 tbsp
  • Pine nuts
    : 3 tbsp


Hi..Its Christmas season again… I just love this season. The cold winter mornings, the X’mas trees, lights, decorations, all takes me back to my childhood…We used to have so much fun in this season. My favourite thing about Christmas is a special hard fondant icing plum cake that comes with plum cake which is available only in Kerala. I used to eat it like crazy and I still love it now. And the feast! Appam, Stew, Fish, meat and the list goes on….For this season, I am starting off with stuffed whole baked chicken instead of a turkey. This is my version of middle eastern whole grilled chicken. I have made it a whole meal with veggies and stuffing with minimum carbs so that people who are diet can eat to their hearts content.So cheers to my memories and wishing all a happy festive season.


Step 1

Boil all the ingredients for the sauce liquids until its reduced to half. You can season it with salt, pepper and herbs if you prefer. Set aside


Step 2

Powder the three C’s, nutmeg, cumin with a pinch of turmeric and chilli powder. To this add the tomato puree, lime juice, vinegar, crushed garlic, olive oil and the salt. Mix well and your marinade is ready.


Step 3

Wash the chicken thoroughly under running water inside out. Prick it with a fork all over so that the marinade coats it thoroughly. Marinate the chicken with the above marinade and rest it in refrigerator for at least three hours. The longer you keep, the tastier and softer it becomes.


Step 4

Arrange the aubergines and mushrooms in the baking dish. Keep the chicken over it. Spread the mandarines. Bake in pre heated oven at 225 degree celsius for one and a half hours. Once it is halfway through turn over the chicken so that it gets baked evenly. You can take the broth when you do the turning over. Final 10 minutes you can remove the covering for glazing the chicken.


Step 5

Wash and soak the basmati rice in water for half an hour.


Step 6

Saute the vermicelli in butter or ghee until its golden brown.


Step 7

Heat the rice cooker. Add butter or ghee. Add the rice and saute for five minutes. Add 3 cups of boiled water. Season with salt and close the cooker.


Step 8

After five minutes add the vermicelli and mix thoroughly so that the rice and vermicelli is evenly mixed. Add the rose water and condensed milk and give a stir. Close the lid again and keep for 7-10 minutes.


The rice is done to serve.Take a plating dish. Spread the prepared rice. Plate up the chicken and veggies on it. Pour the sauce over the chicken and rice.Your Xmas meal is read to serve.I would like to know your feedback on this dish. Mail me or post your comments.Happy Cooking !!!

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