Strawberry Sauce

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  • Fresh/Frozen strawberries
    : 200gms
  • Raw sugar/Golden sugar
    : 2 cup
  • Lemon squeezed
    : 1/2
  • Few basil Leaves
  • Water
    : 50ml


Sauces like strawberry, raspberry , blueberry, plum or fruit compote are the stuff you would find in my fridge most of the time. These are the simple things which will go a long way when you have to plate up a quick breakfast/dessert/afternoon tea. You can make pancakes, crepes or even french toast and drizzle it with these sauces and a dash of cream and end up with an amazing breakfast.I have used fresh strawberries here. You can use frozen ones also. When its berry season we buy them in bulk, wash and clean it and store in boxes or zip lock bags in quantities needed for one time use. The immense health benefits berries have are the driving force behind eating berries and creating recipes related to it.

Step 1

I’ve used golden sugar here as its one of the healthier forms of sugar. You can use any type of sugar or even agave syrup or stevia too.Chop the strawberries into half


Step 2

Add to the saucepan along with sugar, lemon juice and basil. Add the water to this and mix well. Let it boil. Allow it to simmer on a slow flame until the strawberries are cooked and becomes spongy lumps and the mixture reduced to half and has a thick consistency.


Step 3

Cool down the mixture and store in containers. This should be refrigerated.

step3 straw

Step 4

Will stay for two weeks and more.

step-4strawHappy Cooking!!

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