Steamed Bread Pudding

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  • White bread
    : 5 slices
  • Eggs
    : 3 no.s
  • Fresh thick coconut milk
    : 750 ml
  • Golden sugar
    : 1/3 cup
  • Cashews
    : 12 no.s
  • Instant coconut milk powder
    : 3 tablespoon
  • Butter
    : 2 tablespoon


Aaah!! Bread !!!! One of the oldest and the widely consumed food all over the world irrespective of nation and creed. Food is a basic necessity for life. While human life is unique in its capacity for gastronomic innovation, bread especially,offers some of the most creative variations. Through creative incorporation of a wide variety of edible substances, advances in science and technology have allowed the production and quality of bread to increase greatly over time. As can be seen, bread has many forms, and is found in every culture.

The trade of the baker is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Loaves and rolls have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. In the British Museum’s Egyptian galleries you can see actual loaves which were made and baked over 5,000 years ago. Talking about British museums, precisely the museum in London is a must visit place. I still remember vividly when me and my brother were taken to there by our Dad decades ago.  How excited we were to see all those artifacts and monuments which we have learned in all those history classes when the British colonized different nations, the changes that took place after that and the different revolutions there after!!!

Bread is not only an important source of carbohydrates, it’s also portable and compact, which helps to explain why it has been an integral part of our diet for thousands of years. Leavening, refined flour and mechanization are the three primary innovations which created “modern” bread. It has been evolving continuously over the period of time and in this modern day you could find unending varieties of  bread. White bread, wheat bread, whole grain bread, multi-grain bread, French bread, croissants, bagel, different types of buns, rolls and the list is never ending. In effect, white bread remains the king maker of this genera.

Moreover, bread puddings can be the earliest dessert of our times. Of course, it’s found and made in multiple ways. Baked bread puddings, overnight ones, fried ones and so on. Steamed ones are not so common as the other types. The recipe which I’m going to share today is the steamed type. Infact, I haven’t seen much people making this dish. I learned this from my grandmother who will not only prepare this beautifully well balancing every element of this dish. but also is a wonderful cook. But I’ve always wondered how she got to make this dish several decades back when white bread was not so common in India.  Of course, she made it meticulously by sitting on a chair, well combining each ingredient with a hand whisk.

All things considered, my take on this dish got little more modernized. I blend everything together in a blender and steam it. Cashew nuts are my addition to this dish to make it creamier and rich. There is also an agenda behind it. My kids just hate nuts and crunches in any food. For this reason, to make them eat the food of this genre I add cashews and other nuts in whatever way possible I can.

If coconuts are of good quality, adding a reasonable amount of water wouldn’t affect the quality of the milk.  The coconuts available here are not so great. So when I add water it tends to become lighter/diluted in nature. In order to cover up this negative aspect I started adding instant coconut milk powder to get the thickness and creaminess.

I’ve used only white bread for this as I felt other types wouldn’t give the original taste. This is one of those dishes which should remain in its original form to retain the taste. Have a look at it and go with your instincts and enjoy this simple, delicious dessert without a thought. To sum up, this is a super dish for kiddos!!!!!. We can store this dish in refrigerator upto 1 week.



To begin with, trim the edges of the bread slices and cut into 4.


Blend all the ingredients except butter in a blender until smooth.

Steamed Bread Pudding_1


Finally add in the butter and give pulse mix.

Steamed Bread Pudding_2


Grease a steaming pan and pour the batter into it.

Steamed Bread Pudding_3


Then, steam for 15 minutes.

Steamed Bread Pudding_4


And now, cool and cut into desired shape.

Steamed Bread Pudding

Happy Cooking!!!!!

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