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Hello my Friends.

Next update on the go. So this year, I want to concentrate more on simple, quick to make easy recipes. In this world of rat race and meeting the demands of our daily lives, we fnd it often hard to prepare full fledged meals on daily basis. Along with that, I have started concentrating on my family’s diet too. For the last 8-10 months, my life was so hectic and I was munching on all kinds of food with out any control which I rarely does. My weight shooted up and looking t myself, I was a bit agast and worried. Thats when I started thinking of following a routine which is sustainable whole through my life and my family’s. I will be sharing more of the story and healthy recipes soon on my blog. 

Coming back to this Chocolate drink, this is a spiced version of hot chocolate which many of us Indians prefer. This is also a soul comforting drink during winters as well as when you get that sweet cravings at night. Weekends are just apt for this drink when you become a couch potato and enjoy relaxing or watching movies. This drink is very comforting, warming and soul satisfying if you are a fan of aromatic spices. The main highlight of this hot beverage is the aroma and rich flavor of cinnamon and star anise distinctively.

Chocolate when flavored with these aromatic spices gives a extra kick and sharp flavor. I’ve added the spices we liked and which had some health benefits too. Addition of cocoa, drinking chocolate and dark chocolate gives you that extra chocolaty effect which alsmost gives you instant satisfaction. Letting them simmer in water will give that extra flavor of the spices. If one doesnt prefer so much pungent taste, you can even boil it for a minute or two and then add the milk and rest of the ingredients. Steeping for half an hour will balance the flavors for mild flavors and boiling it for 7 minutes and then steeping it gives strong aromatic kick. 

The recipe given here is what is tried and tested by my family and friends and which was widely accpted. You can alter all the spices according to your palate and enjoy the same as well. Do try this out unqiue hot chocolate and let me know how it turned out.


In a sauce pan add 1 cup of water and all the spices. You can adjust the spice strength to your preference. Boil and stick the lid on. Simmer for 5-7 minutes till water changes its color .Spices impart its flavour and color, hence change of color. 


Now add the milk, sugar and combine. Warm up the milk. Add Cocoa powder,  Drinking Chocolate. Stir to combine. Let it boil. Reduce the flame. Simmer for another 5 minutes with lid on. Switch off. Allow it to steep for half an hour.


After half an hour. Sieve the milk and pour back to the sauce pan. Heat up to boiling point.


Reduce the flame and whisk. Finally add the dark Chocolate. Whisk until well blended.


Serve hot and enjoy the winters. This can be served as a welcome drink and is fit for flu season too.

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