Passion Fruit Sponge

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  • Butter
    : 100gm
  • Sugar
    : 100gm
  • Flour
    : 100gm
  • Eggs
    : 2
  • Passion fruit pulp
    : ½ cup
  • Whipped cream
  • Mixed berries or strawberries mixed in castor sugar


My next few posts are some dedications or my way of saying thank you to some of the wonderful people who have made a difference in my life and have been my inspiration for my culinary skills.Today’s delicacy is in honor of my darling daughter who is turning 18 and has stepped into one of the most important phases of her life. She is my spine, without whom this blog would not have been possible. The photographs, the ideas, the lay out has all been done by her. She’s my best buddy, my critic and my guide. Thank you sweetheart. 
Here’s wishing her a wonderful sweet eighteenth birthday. Though she is busy with her architecture course, I trouble her a lot with my doubts, questions and what not. She loves chocolates and desserts and has an extra sweet tooth (hereditary I guess!! :)Passion fruit sponge is a quick and easy microwavable cake and tastes wonderful. 


In a mixing bowl beat butter and sugar until fluffy.



Add the eggs and beat till foam



Add the flour and mix well with a spatula



Finally add the passion fruit pulp to the cake batter, mix thoroughly



Grease 3 tea cups and the pour the batter and microwave for 2 minutes.Your passion fruit sponge is ready.Serve with whipped cream and berries.

5Happy Cooking!!!

NB: The sponge is not very sweet so if you prefer it to be sweeter, you can add icing sugar in the cream when you whip it.

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