Passion fruit & Mango Squash

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  • Passion Fruit/ Passion fruit juice
    : 2.5 kgs/1 1/4 Ltr
  • Mangoes
    : 3/4 kg
  • Sugar
    : 2.7 kgs
  • Water
    : 2 1/2 Ltrs
  • Lime juice
    : 1/4 cup


June, July, August are the months when summer sets in to the peak in most part of the world. The region we live, Middle East is that part of the world, where there’s soaring high temperatures. The heat is unbearable and it is during this season that juices, drinks, mocktails and ice creams are consumed in large quantities. We make different fresh juices and infused waters to hydrate ourselves.

Squash is a form of concentrate used to make beverages or drinks. Squash also known as cordial/dilute is a concentrated form of non-alcoholic syrup which is made with fruit concentrate, sugar and water. This is diluted with water and served chilled with icecubes too. Fruits are generally used to make squashes. Seasonal fruits are also preserved in this form.

Mango season sets in a mood of festivities in everyone. This season is celebrated in every part of India. I make use of this season to maximum by making whatever possible. Earlier I had made mango murabba video and this time it is Passionfruit Mango squash. Passion fruit and Mangoes are both drool worthy and is loved by everyone at home. Passion fruit is an intriguing and mysterious fruit which has a distinct aroma and flavor which can sedate you.

A creeper in nature, this fruit has many health benefits too. enhance digestion power, boosts immunity, improves eye and skin health, helps in reducing inflammation and has anti aging properties too. The best part of this fruit is that it grown in warm climates and can be seen through out the year. Climatic reason is why Passion fruit has become so popular in my home state, you can see it grown in almost all the houses. It is a popular breakfast food, juice, snack and flavor additive to salsa, salads and desserts.

For this squash, I’ve taken Passion fruit in larger quantity than mangoes. I wanted the distinct taste of passion fruit with the sublime flavor of mangoes. Mangoes aid in getting the concentrated thick syrup with its tangy, sweet heavenly flavor. Both these fruits are just amazing which is what makes this squash a delightful beverage. Citric acid is generally used in drinks and squashes. About 50 percent of the world’s citric acid production is used as a flavor enhancer in beverages. Citric acid creates a slightly tart, refreshing flavor and balances the sweetness in soft drinks, teas, juices, and other drinks. It is also used as a preservative.

I’m using lime juice instead of citric acid which gives a freshness to this drink. You get an added punch also to the squash. I’m not using any preservatives or additives for this fruit concentrate. Almost all citrus fruits contain citric acid and I depend on passion fruit and lime juice for this natural affect. Sugar is also a natural form of preservative, which I have used in pretty good amount. I’m sure you all will love this squash at the first sip of it. Added advantage is that, even after the mango season is over, you can relish mangoes flavor in the form of this squash.

Peel, slice and puree the mangoes and set aside.


Core the pulp from the passion fruit shell. Transfer the pulp to a blender and give 2-3 pulses, separating the seeds and skin. Strain finely and keep aside.


Add the specified amount of sugar to a heavy bottomed pan. Pour the water and combine. Let it bring to a boil. Simmer till you get one string consistency.


Add the mango puree and stir well. Allow this to boil again till reduced and thick. Add the lime juice in between.


Finally add the passion fruit and combine everything. Simmer for 3-5 minutes. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool down.


Sterilize the bottles and be sure to dry it thoroughly. Once the squash has cooled down, transfer it to containers and seal it tightly.


Dilute with water when you make this cordial adding ice cubes.

Here is our video presentation

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