Orange Hue

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  • Oranges
    : 5
  • Passion fruit
    : 3/4th cup
  • Frozen Mango Pulp
    : 1 cup
  • 7up
    : 250ml
  • Basil seeds
    : 3 tablespoons

Hi Folks!!!!

Yet another summer is here and we are all craving for something cold and refreshing to beat this heat. Temperatures are soaring and we need to quench our thirst. Though water would be the first and foremost preference to keep ourselves hydrated, we often crave for juices and refreshments to uplift our system and soul. This made me try this fizzy drink which is a perfect amalgamation of flavors and freshness. Summers are meant for mangoes for us in India and else where around the world. Passion fruit is an exotic fruit which can be seen in majority of the houses in our state. When I saw both these together, the bulb stuck me and voila here I am with exotic fizzy juice which will blow you away. 

Passion fruit is tropical fruit which is highly sedating with its flavor and aroma. This is just a madness in our house. Whoever comes from my home town, brings this for us.  This tropical fruit is gaining wide popularity day by day not only due its taste factor and smell but also due to its rich antioxidant and vitamin content. Vitamin C along with small amount of Iron is one the hit on spot of this berry. Human body does not absorb much plant based iron and in this fruit vitamin C comes along with iron which helps in absorption of Iron. So drink and eat plenty of passion fruit and its juice. Ice creams, desserts, pastries, even savory dishes are made these days with passion fruit though drinks and cocktails show stop the arena. 

Orange hue, my todays refreshing drink is a combination of orange, mango and passion fruit along with some 7up.  I’ve used fresh orange juice and fresh frozen mango pulp in this. I used pure passion fruit concentrate/squash for this. You can also add fresh juice and fresh mangoes too. Hitting the right amount of flavor by balancing the quantity of each fruit is what makes this unique.  Frozen pulp and passion fruit concentrate gives an altogether different flavor which resembles a juice shop cocktail. So try this out and tingle your taste buds and beat the summer with this rejuvenating drink. 


Extract the orange an take it juice with ice cubes. Pour half and strain it.Add Passion fruit concentrate and Frozen Mango Pulp then blend well.Take this syrup into a jug.


Add remaining orange juice with 7up and stair it.Add this to a serving glass.Mix up with Basil seeds and Garnish with mint if you prefer.


Enjoy A refreshing drink for this summer …

Happy Cooking !!!

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