Moru Kaachiyathu(Spiced Winter melon buttermilk Curry)

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  • Ash Gourd/Winter Melon
    : 250 gms
  • Clean and cube
  • Turmeric powder
    : 3/4th teaspoon
  • Green Chillies
    : 2
  • Water.
    : 1 1/2 cups
  • Buttermilk
    : 1/2 cup

For the coconut paste:

  • Coconut
    : 3/4th cup
  • Shallots
    : 6
  • Cumin seeds
    : 1 teaspoon
  • Water
    : 1/4 cup


  • Coconut oil
    : 1 tablespoon
  • Mustard seeds
    : 1 teaspoon
  • Curry leaves
    : 2 sprigs


Moru Kaachiyathu aka Winter melons/ashgourds in spiced buttermilk is a routinely made dish of South Indian state of Kerala. One would find, a whole lot of different forms of this curry in different parts of India. But this gluten free healthy recipe is a specialty of our region. This is one of those healthy dishes which our forefathers have thoughtfully made.

Buttermilk is one thing which is used widely due to its health benefits. This when combined with ash gourd/winter melon is very versatile and healthy for gastric disorders. In India, fresh buttermilk on its own or flavored and spiced is a welcoming drink during summers especially. Butter milk is also extensively used in cooking curries, snacks, bakes and drinks. Ayurveda prescribes buttermilk for many tummy related problems.

Ash gourd/winter melon or Kumbalanga as we call it is another vegetable which is as good as buttermilk for many ailments. Ayurveda prescribes this for diabetic and obese people and is an home remedy for multiple issues. A root vegetable which is strong, big and green in color, its flesh is soft and fight and stay fresh for very long time. This is used right from Sambar, avial, to many desserts too. Halwa and Murrabba made with this is equally popular in India.

A vegetable high in water content, this is loaded with iron, phosphorus, Vitamin C, calcium, riboflavin and many other nutrients. Low in fat and carbohydrates, this is also not so fibery and proteinous. Ash gourd has several reliever properties along with low calories which makes it suitable for obese and diabetic people. A glass of juice of this wonder vegetable, early in the morning on empty stomach will do wonders for people looking for a perfect shape and to shred fat. We used to have this on a regular basis when we were on diet.

The cooling property of the juice spread coolness in the human body and it also works as a laxative if taken on empty stomach early in the morning. It also increases the urine output and is beneficial in reducing inflammation. Ash gourd also works as a blood coagulant thereby stopping any bleeding of the nose and lungs. The seed when mixed with coconut and consumed will help in expelling different worms from the stomach.

Consumption of ash gourd juice and its pulp on a regular basis will help in protecting and reducing common cold, cough, bronchitis and chronic asthma. Its seeds and pulp is help in reducing the dandruff when boiled along with coconut oil and applied to hair. There are many reasons why our forefathers had food according to each season and why they used particular selected veggies and fruits according to the climate.

This ash gourd which helps in loosing weight will equally help you in gaining weight and make you energetic too. How??? Ash gourd pulp when boiled in water and sugar and reduced to a pulp, if had will help in gaining weight, produces heat in the body, helps to maintain a healthy heart and reduces the chance of tuberculosis and anemia.

So this post is in dedication to our great forefathers for having such a long and healthy vision. This simple dish was a regular in our ancestral homes. Lunch will be accompanied with this curry even if you have many other curries. This will be had finally with rice and consumed as it is since it promotes digestion and a clean bowl.

I make this in two ways. Simply the way I made this curry or sometimes I add some ginger and garlic alternatively due to health benefits which further aids in stomach and intestine wellness. The coconut should be grinded to a very smooth fine paste and consistency of this curry will be loose. Tempering is done in coconut oil with mustard seeds and dried red chillies along with some fresh curry leaves.

There’s no rocket science for making this simple and healthy curry. Just go with it and enjoy and have a healthy meal. You can cook this in an earthen pot which will make it all the more healthier. Since I had to shoot, I could not use it. I have a kept a special earthen pot for this curry. It will stay fresh in that pot for couple of days, but check out for the weather.

If your stomach is upset or you want to have it completely healthy, then avoid the coconut part and this curry will stay fresh for longer time.


Cover and cook the melons with all the ingredients given above.


Cover and cook the melons with all the ingredients given above.


Stir when cooked halfway. Put back the lid and cook till done completely.


Reduce the flame and add the buttermilk and keep mixing till it reaches boiling point.


Grind all the ingredients into a fine smooth paste adding the mentioned quantity of water.


Add to the cooked melon buttermilk mix and combine everything adjusting salt.


Heat through thoroughly until boiling point. Keep stirring as often as possible thereby avoiding the curdling.


Heat a pan with coconut oil. Add the mustard seeds. Let it crackle.


Add the dried redchillies and allow it to puff up. Pop in the fresh curry leaves and pour on to the curry.


Stick the lid on and rest for 2 minutes.


Combine everything and serve with rice.



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