Masala & Cheese Dosas

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  • Potatoes
    : 4-5 medium
  • Onions sliced
    : 5
  • Green Chillies split
    : 4
  • Garlic crushed
    : 2 tablespoon
  • Ginger crushed
    : 1 tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder
    : 3/4th teaspoon
  • Pepper powder
    : 1/2 teaspoon
  • Fennel seeds
    : 1/2 teaspoon
  • Curry leaves
    : 3 sprigs
  • Salt
    : to taste

For the Cheese Dosa:

  • baby tomatoes
    : 3-4
  • Mozarella balls
    : 3-4
  • Black Olives
    : 5-6
  • Cream cheese
    : 2 tablespoon
  • Cheddar cheese
    : 3-4 tablespoon


Crepes are made, served and consumed in every part of the world. Batter for this varies from region to region. Though, basically all purpose flour is used extensively for making crepes, India has it got its own variations for this. Crepes with flour, rice flour, chickpea flour, maize and corn flour is made all along India.

South Indians staple includes rice, which can be found in different forms for every meal. This rice crepes or Dosa is one version. Dosas have attained world wide acceptance. From simple dosa, to butter, ghee, paper, masala dosas to pizza, cheese and pasta dosas can be found today. It has infact taken a huge turn to the extent that “shot dosas” are available today. Earlier only rice and lentils were used to make dosas. Now you can find dosas made of different millets and cereals which adds on to the nutritive value.

Masala dosa is a common dish you find on restaurant menu on a regular basis but not so commonly made in households. This is a popular dish in many South Indian restaurants world wide. It is so specilaized to the extent that you can find many types of it. This dish is not delightful to south Indians only, every part of India enjoys it. Served mainly as breakfast, this is also a tea time snack. People go out just to have it.

Masala dosa and me” have very intricate relationship. When I transgress, a smile widens my face. I dont know how many of you all have heard about it or felt it. When I was pregnant with my first kid, that is my daughter, I always craved for Masala dosas. No, no, No, not the home made ones, the one’s served in restaurants. I had all the bad symptoms of the first trimester, nausea, vomitting, aversions to many smells, (this include my hubby and his brute perfume’s smell:))

So coming back to our dosa tale, I used to crave for dosas and we will get dressed up and start our journey to one of the few best masala dosa serving restaurants which is around half an hour journey from our place. At intermittent gaps, we stop the car on the way, and I keep puking, hahahaha…. finally we reach the restaurant, I hog up dosas in no time, by the time I reach wash area, those delicious buttery masala dosa find its way to the handwash.

I have heard my friends, cousins all say that they crave for this crispy wafer thin crepes during their pregnancy. I really wonder what would be the histopathology behind this. Anyways these are some of the beautiful moments which I have captured in my treasure of memories, which will remain with us till death do us apart.

The core ingredient of the filling is Potato. But you can find carrots, beets, beans, peas along the way in many recipes. Basically its a simple recipe with some boiled, peeled and mashed potatoes engulfed in onions, turmeric, green chillies and curry leaves. I keep changing my potato filling according to my whims and fancies. But this recipe which I’m sharing today is the one which is made often and the one dear to me.

Fennel seeds emits a unique aroma to the whole dish helping in digestion process too. Ginger, garlic has its own health benefits which helps in balancing the negativeness of potato and black lentil. Tomato gives that extra punch and flavor needed for rounding this dish up.

Cheese dosas are getting popular. My kiddos are crazy like when it comes to cheese. I have used three types of cheeses for this dosa. You can choose your preferred variety. Cream cheese, garlic flavored from amul, mozzarella balls and grated cheddar cheese. Olives and baby tomatoes compliment the cheeses and give that heavenly yumminess to this dosa. You can serve this with either tomato chutney or schezwan chutney which is available in the market by Ching’s secret. It is one of the best chutney brands which we have tasted.

Please check the given link for the batter recipe of dosa.



Boil potatoes, peel, mash and keep aside.


Heat a pan with 2 tablespoons oil. Pop in the fennel seeds. Crackle.


Add the onions and saute till soft but crunchy. Throw in the green chilies, ginger, garlic and curry leaves.



Cook till aromatic. Add the powders and combine well.


Cook further till the rawness of the powders are gone. Add the mashed potatoes and integrate well.


Cook for further 3-4 minutes till all the spices are blended with the potatoes.


Finally add the tomatoes, give a quick stir and stick the lid on. Cook for 5 minutes till tomatoes are cooked but should not mushy.


Prepare the iron dosa skillet with oil and water as shown in the video.


Pour a large ladle of prepared dosa batter and spread out to a thin layer.


Wipe out the extra batter from the top to make it thin as possible, adding a dollop of butter later.


Cook till crisp and golden. Spread the potato filling on one side and place a small piece of butter and fold over. Serve hot with sambar and chutney.


For the cheese dosa, make the dosa/crepe as for the masala dosa. when it start to crisp and turn golden brown, spread the cream cheese first, place the cut mozzarella balls, halved tomatoes and olives and sprinkle the cheddar cheese. Fold over and enjoy.






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